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C++ Builder 6 Developer's Guide

C++ Builder 5 Developer's Guide



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C++ Builder 6 Developer's Guide

Authors Jarrod Hollingworth, Bob Swart, Mark Cashman, Paul Gustavson
Publisher SAMS
ISBN 0672324806
Publication Date 30th December 2002


C++ Builder 6 Developer's Guide is now available. Updated and full of new chapters this book focuses on C++Builder 6.


This book can be ordered from the following online bookstores. It is also available from your major local bookstore.

Note: RRP=US$59.99. All prices current at 07-Apr-2003. Check the stores for current pricing.

C++Builder 5 Developer's Guide
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More Information

This book was created to be the most informative and practical reference on C++Builder to date. Building on the hugely successful C++ Builder 5 Developer's Guide this book contains new chapters and topics on web services, XML, SOAP, Windows API, COM, DLLs, VCL, CLX component development, the OpenTools API, and database development and also looks at mobile application development, as well as containing some updated topics from the previous book.

C++ Builder 6 Developer's Guide is aimed mostly at intermediate and advanced programmers, though a few beginner chapters are included and many chapters contain lead-in information to get you up to speed. In total there are 1128 pages, all in print.

Table Of Contents

Part I   C++Builder Essentials
1   Introduction to C++Builder
2   C++Builder Projects and More on the IDE
3   Programming in C++Builder
4   Creating Custom Components
5   Creating Property and Component Editors
Part II   Database Programming
6   Borland Database Component Architecture
7   Database Programming
8   The Borland Database Engine
9   Client Datasets and Client Dataset Enhancements
10   Interbase Express Component Overview
11   ADO Express Components for C++Builder
12   Data Access with dbExpress
13   XML Document Programming and XML Mapper
Part III   Windows Programming
14   Win 32 API Functional Areas
15   Graphics and Multimedia Techniques
16   DLLs
17   COM Programming
Part IV   Distributed Computing
18   DCOM: Going Distributed
19   SOAP and Web Services with BizSnap
20   Distributed Applications with DataSnap
21   DataSnap Multitier Connections
22   Web Server Programming with WebSnap
Part V   Open Tools API
23   The Tools API: Extending the Borland IDE
Part VI   Appendices
A   C++Builder Example Applications
B   C++Mobile Application Development
C   Information Resources
D   Enabling TXMLDocument for C++Builder Professional
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