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Mozzle Pro
The World's Ultimate Domain Name Software

For full details see the Mozzle Web Site.

Find the ultimate domain name for your web sites with Mozzle Pro. Mozzle Pro has MORE FEATURES than any other domain name tool. It also has the MOST ADVANCED features available.

The following screen shot shows an advanced search using Mozzle Pro. The advanced search allows for groupings of similar/replacement words in the domain name with settings for the position of the words within the domain name, optional words, and the number of thesaurus alternatives to use.

Mozzle Pro includes the following features:

  • Automatic search engine popularity ratings calculated for each domain name.
  • Domain name brainstorming! Mozzle Pro can easily and automatically expand a simple search for the .info domain name "dynamic marketing" into 300 (or more) domain names, including,,, and hundreds more.
  • Search engine link popularity for domain names including DMOZ and Yahoo directory listing checks and Alexa traffic rank.
  • Popular alternative domain names automatically generated and checked.
  • Automatically checks domain name availability.
  • Domain name competition rating and Domain Name Effectiveness IndexT calculated for each domain name.
  • Built-in current domain name news headlines with web links.
  • Identify domain names that have expired or are about to expire.
  • Over 500 domains supported including .com, .biz and .info.
  • Advanced domain name generation.
  • Automatic alternative domain names checked with Net SpeakT, acronyms, and hyphens.
  • Custom searches and custom word lists.
  • Display full whois details of registered domain names.
  • Direct trademark searches.
  • Full filtering, sorting, printing, copying and exporting search results.
  • Firewall and Proxy support.
  • Dozens of other great features!

The following screen shot shows the typical domain name search results that Mozzle Pro can find quickly and easily.

Mozzle Pro also includes a link popularity search. Example search results are shown in the following screen shot.

Compare Mozzle Pro with other domain name tools. See the advanced search technology used in Mozzle Pro.

For full details see the Mozzle Web Site.

Domain Name Registrars, Resellers and Affiliates

The Mozzle Pro Affiliate Program has been launched. Drive up your domain name registrations and receive generous referral fees on sales of the most advanced domain name search software available - Mozzle Pro. FREE to join.

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