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Installing Interbase With Your Application

After questions in a C++Builder technical discussion mailing list about installing Borland Interbase with a C++Builder application using InnoSetup I am publishing here the script and source code written for one of our clients in their commercial application called ICare.

The script and code were written for installations to WinNT, Win2K or WinXP machines (we use NT services and do not target Win9x/ME). They were written using C++Builder 6 and InnoSetup 3.0.3-beta.

Thanks to Xacom Pty. Ltd. for granting permission to publish this. If you are looking for messaging or monitoring solutions (small applications to send SMS messages, medium applications to monitor buildings such as nursing homes or hospitals, or large wide-area paging or call-centre systems), or an SMS gateway that you can send SMS messages with using email or http then contact

DISCLAIMER: The following script and code work for us but no guarantee is given that they will work for you. Use them at your own risk.

InnoSetup Installation Script

Download (2KB zip)

See the script for the Interbase files that you need to include in the setup.

Additional Installation Programs

Why there are no applications like the following included in the Interbase distribution is beyond me. These are BCB6 console applications.

Adding the Interbase Service Port

An entry must be added to the Windows 'services' file to register the Interbase server port (TCP port 3050) for both client and server installs. This application will add the entry if it is not already present. The InnoSetup script above uses this application. Administrator priviledges are required. The entry is not removed on uninstall.

Download (4KB zip)

Installing Interbase Guardian as an NT Service

You will need this additional program if you want to run IBGuardian as a service. This is only applicable to server installs. This program will register IBGuardian as a service and start it. It can also stop and unregister IBGuardian on uninstall. The InnoSetup script above uses this application. Administrator priviledges are required.

Download (4KB zip)

Questions or Comments

Contact Jarrod Hollingworth.

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